Land Lines

Clare Winslow

4-29 December 2014

Navigating boundaries of geography
and memory

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 7, 1-4 pm

Meet the Artist:
Saturday, December 14, 10am-5pm

  • Selected Images from the Exhibition
Topographica Series, Meiji 1Land Lines
Image © Clare Winslow. All rights reserved.

Topographica Series, Meiji 1

BoatLand Lines
Image © Clare Winslow. All rights reserved.


MigrationLand Lines
Image © Clare Winslow. All rights reserved.
"Migration" by Clare Winslow


Screenprinting enables me to synthesize a variety of creative personas: printmaker, photographer, draftsman, digital artist, and painter. It allows me to easily collage layers of imagery from drawings, photographs or scanned objects. And although screenprinting has been known to generate flat, hard-edged images, by way of new techniques, it can also produce prints with depth, texture, and painterly surfaces.

While I often use a computer to develop an initial composite sketch, I depend on my background in drawing and painting to make decisions about color, value, shape, texture, and line. Composition plays an important role in creating a sense of balance. Abstract shapes serve as navigational devices to lead the viewer’s eye through the picture. Varieties of scale, texture, transparency and value add depth, while a coherent color palette creates harmony. In the end, I attempt to arrive at a balance between process and feeling.

My latest prints deal with the theme of navigation and exploration. In the Topographica series, each map-like narrative is based a location of personal significance. While the geographical image tells a story through remembrance or selective observation, it is often a reperception of the place decades after the original encounter. These remnants of memory, often tentative, serve as a delicate framework for building a new, less literal, observation of the space, one that is freer, more imaginative, and not necessarily “frozen in time.”

I invite you to join me on this exploratory journey.

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