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Extraktion Lead by Ron Meick


Ron Meick

May 29 – June 30

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 1, 1-4 pm

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This current work covers a wide range of interests and contains references to many current themes. From stock and commodity charts, dog excavations, fracing, to references of Chinese political issues, these works use the printmaking process as a way to form the images and extract meaning.

A series of small monotypes have been printed, colored, and then crumpled. It results in a emotionally difficult decision to crush after carefully printing and painting the image. It is a process of compression, concentration, and unpredictable outcomes.

A group of lithographs made on pebbles with faces of people who appear in a single issue of the Wall Street Journal extract the temporary nature of a day’s remembrance.

The Mandarin character for Tibet is deconstructed into multi-shaped plates and printed as random shapes. This process mirrors the Hun attempting to dismantle traditional Tibetan culture and language.

Wet paper is rolled through a press and printed from a single plate. When dryed the paper fractures and distorts the original image. This simulates the use of the “fracing” process to extract oil and gas which could lead to volatile results.

Printing plates are cut in the shape of a stock chart during four days in May to explore time, duration and price of an intangible.

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