Artists at WPG

"Carousel" by Lila Oliver Asher
From the Ground Up #1, by Cynthia Back, 2014
Change of Seasons, by Glenn Beyer Jr., 2014
Celestial Feast, by Rosemary Cooley
EarlyMorningByKey, by Yolanda Frederikse, copyright 2014
Exquisite Radiance, by Pauline Jakobsberg
Paulo's, by Alex Keto, copyright 2014
Member Of The Wedding, by Linda Rose Larochelle
Midnight by Dave Mann, ©2013
Dowsing with an Effigy, by Ron Meick, 2014
Last Pear, by Nina Muys
Zebra Stripes_copyright 2014_Marian Osher
Early morning bus, by Margaret Adams Parker, ©2014
"Schoolhouse, Ed 1 Massachusetts 1880" by Carolyn Pomponio
Pisac Revisited, by Terry Svat, 2014
End of conversation, by Matina Marki Tillman, 2014
Industry on Parade, by Ellen Verdon Winkler, copyright 2012